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New Premium Wooden Solo Stems

Custom Solo Stems

The stems come in Walnut, Cherry, and Oak and finished with natural beeswax.

Question. What do you get when you team up a truly high-end manufacturer with one of the leading retail vaporizer shops in the industry today? The answer of course is Continue reading

Solo vs. DaVinci Vape

The DaVinci Vape just by the name is implying it is a work of art. It has quickly become one of the more popular portable vaporizers out there, but is it an Arizer Solo killer? Nothing has really come close yet, but let’s take a look. Continue reading

Solo vs. Palm Vaporizer

The Palm vape is the newest portable vaporizer by the makers of the popular VaporBLUNT and it has gotten a lot of attention since its release. As all new vaporizers, let’s see how the Solo stacks up against one of the newest portable vapes out there. Continue reading

The Most Interesting Vape In The World


The Most Interesting Vape In The World

Stay vaped my friends.


Arizer Solo VaporizerThere are a couple common tricks to get around certain issues you might experience with your Arizer Solo. Below I will cover some general troubleshooting I have gone through myself and share what I’ve learned in the hope it helps you avoid having to call the manufacturer. Continue reading

Solo Wooden Mouthpiece

Something that is often debated with the Solo vaporizer by Arizer is the glass mouthpieces. Whether it is complaints about no screen or that the glass isn’t as portable as everyone wants because it can break, I always see some hesitation by some for this reason. This hand made wooden mouthpiece looks to settle all these debates. Continue reading

Solo vs. VaporBLUNT

Which vaporizer is better?

The Vapor BLUNT is taller and thinner than the Solo, making it less portable.

I feel like this is a title fight! The VaporBLUNT has gotten a lot of attention since its recent release and I feel like this is going to be a close call. I might get a little more in depth with this comparison because of how closely these two match up. Let’s get this prize fight underway.

Vapor Quality

As you may know by now the Arizer Solo is often praised for its ridiculously thick and smooth vapor quality. The vapor quality is really up there with pretty much any table top vaporizer available, even though its herb chamber is easily half the size of most table top vaporizer’s herb chamber. Regardless of all the other great features and benefits of the Solo, its vapor quality is the main attraction. Continue reading

Parts and Accessories Guide

Arizer Solo Case

The Arizer Solo VapeCase holds the vaporizer, two mouthpieces, and either the wall charger or car charger.

I wanted to compile a list of all the parts and accessories released for the Arizer Solo as of right now. These can either be replacement parts or other accessories that might enhance your Arizer Solo experience. Let’s dig in. Continue reading

Cleaning Guide

Cleaning the Arizer Solo

The Solo vaporizer by Arizer requires only minimal maintenance.

One of the biggest pains of any vaporizer is the cleaning required, however, the Solo’s few parts are cleaned rather easily. Below I will break down how to clean the Arizer Solo piece by piece.  Continue reading

Warranty Information

Arizer Solo Warranty Card that arrives with your new Solo.

There often seems to be some confusion with what the Arizer Solo warranty covers and also how to claim on the warranty if need be. Below I’ll list some popular warranty questions, followed by an answer to clear things up as best I can … Continue reading