Arizer Air Review: How to use, what to expect and where to buy


Air vaporizer by Arizer

Welcome to our review of the Air by Arizer! It’s been quite awhile since we’ve posted new content, but with the recent release of a new portable vaporizer by Arizer, we had little choice. In this review I will cover what makes the Arizer Air unique and compare it to its big brother the Solo, and touch on how to use it and what to expect. If you can make it to the end, I’ve even got a special coupon for you! Let’s get started shall we? Continue reading

Solo vs. VaporBLUNT

Which vaporizer is better?

The Vapor BLUNT is taller and thinner than the Solo, making it less portable.

I feel like this is a title fight! The VaporBLUNT has gotten a lot of attention since its recent release and I feel like this is going to be a close call. I might get a little more in depth with this comparison because of how closely these two match up. Let’s get this prize fight underway.

Vapor Quality

As you may know by now the Arizer Solo is often praised for its ridiculously thick and smooth vapor quality. The vapor quality is really up there with pretty much any table top vaporizer available, even though its herb chamber is easily half the size of most table top vaporizer’s herb chamber. Regardless of all the other great features and benefits of the Solo, its vapor quality is the main attraction. Continue reading

Parts and Accessories Guide

Arizer Solo Case

The Arizer Solo VapeCase holds the vaporizer, two mouthpieces, and either the wall charger or car charger.

I wanted to compile a list of all the parts and accessories released for the Arizer Solo as of right now. These can either be replacement parts or other accessories that might enhance your Arizer Solo experience. Let’s dig in. Continue reading

Charging Guide

Arizer Solo Chargers

The 3 different types of power adapters for the Arizer Solo vape.

There has been quite a bit of confusion over what charger for the Arizer Solo does what. Does this one charge it and let me use it? Does this one let you use it, but not charge it? Does this plug even do anything at all? All those questions will be answered below, so read on. Continue reading

Top 5 Places to Use The Solo Vaporizer

Using the Arizer Solo in a hotel.

Enjoying the view outside my hotel window with my Solo

The Arizer Solo gets a whole lot of attention for how great the vapor quality is and what a solid product it is, but not a lot of people touch on how many places the Solo is perfect for use. Here are my personal top 5 places to bring the Solo with me and why the Solo is so great for said places …

Continue reading