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Arizer Solo Chargers

The 3 different types of power adapters for the Arizer Solo vape.

There has been quite a bit of confusion over what charger for the Arizer Solo does what. Does this one charge it and let me use it? Does this one let you use it, but not charge it? Does this plug even do anything at all? All those questions will be answered below, so read on.

Arizer Solo Wall Charger

The standard charger that comes with the Arizer Solo does charge the Solo, but does NOT let you use the unit while it is charging. So if it dies mid-session, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Charges Solo: YES

Use Solo While Charging: NO

Arizer Solo Car Charger

The car charger, which is purchased separately from the Solo itself, allows you to plug your Solo in to charge in any DC plug. However, this charger does NOT allow you to use the Solo while charging. To me this kind of defeats the purpose a bit, but that’s just me.

Charges Solo: YES

Use Solo While Charging: NO

Arizer Solo A/C Adapter

The Solo A/C power adapter is pretty much brand new and after first hearing about it I thought this was the charger we had all been waiting for. Alas, that is not the case, but this plug is still very useful. This A/C adapter allows the Solo to be used while plugged into the wall without wasting the Solo’s battery. So basically it turns it into a table top vaporizer. So even if your Solo dies mid-session you can just use this plug to plug it in and continue to enjoy your Arizer Solo. I guess we’ll never get to have our cake and eat it too.

Charges Solo: NO

Use Solo While Plugged In: YES

In the end, unfortunately, to keep your Solo powered anytime, anywhere you have to have all three of these plugs. They really don’t cost all that much anyway and it’s a small price to pay to always have the best portable vaporizer on the market up and running.

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  • Ben

    I’d stick with the supplied charger, the price for the other chargers are a bit too high. I think I’ve seen them for like 30 or 40 each, so that’s an extra (estimated) $70 if you got both.

  • fdr

    i’m in the uk and need a charger. what’s best?

    • Get the original charger and then use an adapter to convert to your plug type.

  • Phil

    I just got my unit in the mail and I charged it and now it does not do anything???? Any ideas or assistance is much appreciated.
    God bless!

  • daniel

    what I would like to know is does the solo need to be recharged for 4 hours before use again after the battery dies? Or can it be safe for the battery life is its used when it reaches full power without the charge light going out. What im asking is will it be okay to use after 2 hours on the second charge or does it have to always charge for four hours? Waiting four hours seems like a bit of a burden to us smokers.

    • No it does not have to always charge for 4 hours, but always best to when you can. Putting on the charger overnight is the easiest way to keep it charged.

  • Drew

    Your info is outdated. The newer model Solos come with a charger that allows the unit to be used while its on the charger. Can take it on and off the charger, doesnt interupt the 12min cycle on bit!

    • Yea, that is because it is an old post. Thanks for providing the correct info. Keep the vapor flowing.

      • dohberry

        Can we get this updated? I just ran into a reddit where someone was misinforming people and using this as their source of information. The newer models can be used while charging.

  • dave

    is it better to let the battery drain down 100 % or better to keep it on the charger at all times ? Dave