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Solo VS NO2

Compare the Arizer Solo to other Portable Vaporizers

See how the new Arizer vaporizer stacks up to other portable, rechargeable vaporizers and see if it is worth the cash or whether another vape might be a better choice.

Arizer Solo VS Vapir NO2

The Arizer Solo will draw immediate comparisons to the Vapir NO2 for several reasons. First, they are very similar in the way they work and second they both use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Arizer Solo, however, is roughly double the price. Does the Arizer Solo portable herbal vaporizer justify the hefty price increase? Let’s take a look…

Vapor Quality

Both the Arizer Solo and Vapir NO2 deliver a nice thick vapor, however, the Arizer Solo uses a ceramic heating element and a glass whip style mouthpiece for vapor delivery which are both direct upgrades over the brass heating element and plastic tubing the Vapir NO2 offers. If you ask any vapor enthusiast they will tell you that a ceramic heating element with glass mouthpiece connection for vaporization is preferred.

Advantage: Arizer Solo


The Vapir NO2 has a sturdy polycarbonate design but it doesn’t hold a candle to the rock solid aluminum build the Arizer Solo has. I have dropped my NO2 a few times and it hasn’t sustained any damage that has stopped it from working but the aluminum build of the Arizer Solo is definitely a better option.

Advantage: Arizer Solo


The Vapir NO2 is more of a portable vaporizer hybrid of sorts. What I mean is it’s size isn’t too large so it can be taken with you and not weigh you down significantly but it is a little larger than your standard portable vape. The Arizer Solo on the other hand is about half the size of the NO2. The Arizer Solo really is no bigger than your hand, when gripping it the only part that extends past your hand would be the mouthpiece.

Advantage: Arizer Solo

Despite the size difference, The Solo’s herb chamber holds as much material as the NO2.

Heat Up Time

The heat up time for the Arizer Solo to achieve it’s max temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit takes right around 3 minutes. When timing the Vapir NO2’s heat up time to the same temperature it comes in right around 2 minutes, so the Vapir is a little faster at heating up. A lot of this has to do with the heating element being brass instead of ceramic, brass tends to heat quicker on most vaporizers.

Advantage: Vapir NO2

Rechargeable Battery

Here is where most comparisons between these two vaporizers is going to come down to, being as it is a very important part of each vaporizer being portable. The Arizer Solo’s battery takes about 4 hours to reach maximum charge and lasts through about 6 hours of vaporizing. The Vapir NO2’s battery takes about 8 hours to fully charge and lasts through about 2 hours of vaporizing. The Arizer is the clear winner here, right? Not so fast. While the Vapir NO2 takes longer to charge and doesn’t have as long a battery life as the Arizer Solo it CAN be used while it is charging while the Arizer Solo can NOT. This can be a major issue for some, but for others it may not be since the battery life lasts so much longer. Either way it is kind of a trade off of sorts.

Advantage: Push

Accessories and Advanced Use

The Arizer Solo is still pretty new so accessories have yet to be released. The Vapir NO2 on the other hand has a lot of accessories available, which is expected since it has been around for a decent amount of time now. But the Arizer Solo does have the ability to be used with a water tool right out of the box, while the NO2 requires you to buy a water tool kit that isn’t really all that impressive. In time I think there will be a lot of accessories released for the Arizer Solo and I’m sure in time other vape’s accessories will also be found to work with the Arizer Solo.

Advantage: Arizer Solo

Bottom Line

In the end the Arizer Solo is a better portable vaporizer option due mostly to it’s aluminum build, ceramic heater with glass mouthpiece connection, and vapor quality. This is not to say the Vapir NO2 is not a great vaporizer, it most surely is a great buy, but if you have the extra money for the Arizer Solo I highly recommend snagging one.

More Quick Comparisons

Arizer Solo vs. Vapolution 2.0
The Vapolution is popular for it’s glass on glass vaporizing method, and the Arizer Solo utilizes a very similar system, only in a much smaller package. This is precisely the reason why it is not necessary to finely grinder your material when using either of these vaporizers.¬†Another similarity between these 2 vaporizers is the lack of a digital temperature readout. It can be a bit more tricky to get the right temp at first with the Vapolution 2.0 since it uses a dial, as opposed to the Solo which has a separate button for each heat level. On the other hand, being restricted to specific heat levels does prevent you from dialing in a precision temperature. This is a tough call as both vaporizers produce clean, consistent vapor and have unique qualities. But since we are focusing on portability here, the nod goes to the Arizer Solo for having a smaller hand-held design.

Arizer Solo vs. Iolite
The Iolite runs on butane, which you have to refill pretty often, and some of the butane flavor can get into (or around) your vapor which is less than desirable (understatement!). The Iolite can also be inconsistent in producing dense vapor at times. The Arizer Solo vape has a ceramic heating element with a glass whip style mouthpiece that delivers a smooth, clean and thick vapor. Despite the fact that the Iolite wins in the portability and outdoor use categories, when we take a look at the maintenance involved in owning an Iolite the Solo clearly pulls ahead.

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  • Pjrulz

    My only problem with the SOLO is the fact that 2 out of 2 units had mouthpieces that did not fit snug enough to use properly. I was told by Arizer, when I called, that this was a problem they were working on. So, if you get one make sure the mouthpieces fit SNUGGLY or it will not work and you will be waiting for replacement. With that being said, I have no real idea if it is a good product because neither of mine worked. Went and got the NO2 and have been in vapor bliss from the time it came out of the box!!!!! I love it AND it worked from day one with no trouble.

  • KitchenGs

    honestly mine didnt fit super snugly either but works like a champ anyway. never even contacted arizer about it. i had the NO2 prior to this and still do but even with the slightly loose mouthpiece on my Solo it works FAR better. If the glass mouthpiece is slightly loose it really doesnt affect the performance IMO unless ur herbs are low quality or you are doing something else wrong. really cant see it mattering unless your mouthpieces were much looser than mine.

  • John Oxnard

    Hmm..Sorry but, You be wrong, KitchenGs. I know firsthand because I was unfortunate enough to recieve a Solo that didnt have a secure fitting glass mouthpiece,while a friend’s Solo fit and worked flawlessly. For the reason why your Solo wont work as well if the mouthpiece isnt totally secure, one really has to look no further than common sense and Physics. When your mouthpiece doesnt fit extremely snug like its supposed to, your pulling air in around from the sides of the glass instead of directly up from the heating element.This results in a cooling of the air passing through the herbs, which then results in a lower quality vapor. Make sure yours clicks and is very secure or send it back. Also, a sidenote with the Solo: No Screens for the mouthpieces?? WTF?!!!! get ready to get a mouthful of grinds on occasion. Cant believe this was overlooked by Arizer.

  • KitchenGs

    Common physics would also tell you that if the extra space difference between the tube and the bowl is negligible then the “cooling” effect would be unnoticeable and/or insignificant, which in my case it surely is. John, maybe your Solo glass tube was significantly looser than mine?

    I personally own 10+ vapes, I certainly know what air-diluted or thin vapor is like and would notice immediately. Not only that but 2 of my good friends have Solos with mouthpieces that fit more snugly and there is virtually no difference in my case so I personally never felt the need to send it back. I could see how there would be if mine were looser than they are, obviously.

    The lack of screens has NEVER gotten me a mouthful of anything because I pack the bowl perfectly as I should with dank greens. I have screens that fit my Solo and I honestly don’t use them because there really is no need (for me). Only way I can see any real amount of material getting through is if you are packing in bone dry, very finely ground material which I don’t. I have noticed that the size of the air holes can vary between mouthpieces, which might be the reason for the difference in our experiences.

    I do agree with John in that if YOUR Solo isn’t how it should be then for sure and doesn’t work well for YOU send it back I am just sharing my own experience. Arizer DID drop the ball on a few small details but their willingness to reship new units upon request shows they are a good company that stands behind their product and customer satisfaction. That cannot be said about many of the vaporizer manufacturers. After all the Solo, despite these small issues is still better than any portable I have used to date, and I’ve used them all.

  • John Oxnard

    This just further illustrates how hard Arizer blew it with the Solo. At first I thought there was two categories-A unit that functioned perfectly, and one which was extremely loose( like mine.) With your description, there also appears to be somewhat of a grey area: units that are slightly loose, but with negligible performance issues. Is this acceptable? When you buy a 50″Panasonic flatscreen, and it turns out that its just slightly pixelated, but “still better than any TVs youve owned to date,” do you just live with it?Are we supposed to tolerate issues such as these because the Solo is 10X better than that pile of garbage, the Iolite?I cant agree. I think youre right, my unit was extremely loose compared to yours, but thats beside the point. For close to 200 bucks, the same price as Arizer’s tabletop Q(I own the original Arizer Extreme and like it btw) the kinks better be worked out prior to release. Also as a sidenote, and while I only smoke quality herbs in vape or glass, its really irrelevant. Dried shwag particulate is the same diameter as finely ground Dank: I agree there is an optimum grind, but the mouthpieces are so inconsistent that the holes are always going to vary in size. A simple custom screen is a no brainer.