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The DaVinci Vape just by the name is implying it is a work of art. It has quickly become one of the more popular portable vaporizers out there, but is it an Arizer Solo killer? Nothing has really come close yet, but let’s take a look.

Vapor Quality

Both the Arizer Solo and DaVinci Vaporizer have pretty similar operation and, surprisingly, vapor quality. The difference is that the amount of material required is far less with the Solo to achieve the same results. The DaVinci has a deeper herb chamber than the Solo, but just doesn’t seem to milk the same amount of ingredient out of your material. So you can achieve a very similar quality, but have to sacrifice more of your blend to do so.

Most other portable vapes can’t even come close to matching the Arizer portable though, so there is something to be said for how well the DaVinci can produce vapor.

Advantage: Arizer Solo


The DaVinci portable vaporizer has a slim and ergonomic hand held design. It pretty much looks like a walkie talkie, so you can imagine the advantage here in portability. The LED temperature display on the front worries me a bit, because portable vapes tend to take quite a beating and I question the sturdiness of this display and how I would use it if it ended up breaking.

The Solo goes for a more practical heat level design, but this also limits you to specific pre-set temperatures meaning you may not be able to find that exact comfort level. As far as overall sturdiness the Solo has a super tough aluminum design, but you also have to factor in the glass mouthpieces. In the end they are pretty even.

Advantage: Push

The DaVinci Vape’s LED screen shows battery life and temperature, making it more useful than the Solo’s heat level lights.


Both the Arizer Solo and DaVinci herbal vaporizer are about the same height, but the DaVinci is definitely thinner. Going with the walkie talkie size it easily slides right into your pocket and you barely notice it is even there. Especially since the flexi-straw mouthpiece does not need to be removed before transporting it like you would have to with the Solo’s glass mouthpiece. The battery life on the DaVinci vape isn’t anywhere close to the Arizer’s though, lasting only about an hour if you are lucky. However, when talking about just size and how easy it is to transport, you have to go with the DaVinci Vaporizer.

Advantage: DaVinci Vaporizer

Rechargeable Battery

Both use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that recharges much like you would a cell phone, off a wired charger plugged into the wall as opposed to charging them externally. There are two noticeable differences here though; first the DaVinci can be used while charging while the Solo can not. Second, the Arizer portable vape gives you up to 3 hours of portable continuous use, while the DaVinci Vaporizer will give you maybe an hour. This is a tough call to pick the better of the two. What really breaks the tie in favor of the Arizer Solo though is the fact that it only takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge for 3 hours of use, while the DaVinci takes about the same time just to give you 45 minutes to an hour.

Advantage: Arizer Solo

Bottom Line

Although the DaVinci Vape is a great, great vaporizer it still just can’t match the Arizer Solo vaporizer. It’s small portable size and ability to also vaporize oils and concentrates makes it sand out in the crowd for sure, but it has a ways to go before I’m using that over my Solo.

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