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Something that is often debated with the Solo vaporizer by Arizer is the glass mouthpieces. Whether it is complaints about no screen or that the glass isn’t as portable as everyone wants because it can break, I always see some hesitation by some for this reason. This hand made wooden mouthpiece looks to settle all these debates.

The Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece is designed, in terms of size, just like the Solo vape’s straight glass mouthpiece. The first obvious difference is the wooden design, as opposed to glass. The mouthpiece is hand crafted from Granadillo wood, a rare and exotic wood from South America. Granadillo wood is not imported in large amounts, so when I say rare and exotic I mean it. The wood has a reddish brown color to it with some black tint. The design almost looks like tiger stripes too, I personally love it. Also, since each one is hand made you are never going to get one mouthpiece that looks like another, making each one unique.

At the bowl end of the mouthpiece is a stainless steel bowl chamber. In the chamber is a 1/2 inch screen that is locked in with a retaining clip, so you never have to worry about the screen falling out by accident. The stainless steel design also heats up just as fast as the glass mouthpieces do, so that is not a concern.

You might be thinking “wood at that high a temperature might crack, right?”. Well, actually you are right. Originally these mouthpieces had some slight cracking issues where the stainless steel and wood pieces met. The manufacturer though has fixed this problem by now kiln drying the wood and then applying a very small amount of dry weld to make it as secure as possible. A lot of work has gone into perfecting this piece.

Another huge advantage of the wooden design of the mouthpiece is the fact that it is pretty much indestructible. At the very least you know it is going to take way more a beating than your glass mouthpiece would.

I admit that when I first saw this mouthpiece I was a little hesitant, because I wasn’t one of the people who complained about the glass mouthpieces at all. I just didn’t know if this would enhance my experience with the Solo by Arizer. Well I can admit I was wrong. I’ve used this mouthpiece exclusively since I got it. The flavor I’m used to is still there and I really do like having an actual screen as opposed to the four tiny holes (four holes only on the newest Arizer Solo portable) that replace a screen on the glass mouthpieces.

Also in development right now is a mouthpiece that is going to be using an EXTREMELY rare wood that actually appears jet black like the Solo portable vaporizer, if you chose that color. I only saw some early production pics but I can tell you when this mouthpiece comes out I will be all over it. For more info or to purchase the Arizer Solo Wooden Mouthpiece head over to EZVapes.

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  • shadeaux14

    One question on the wood mouthpiece. How do you clean it?

  • Snowblind_o2

    The length of my glass tubes will quickly get dirty and so I regularly clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Can this mouthpiece be cleaned the same way?