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Solo Disassembled

The Arizer Solo can be easily disassembled and taken apart.

Here you will learn the easy step by step instructions on the how to assemble, set-up and use your new Arizer Solo vaporizer.

How to Use the Arizer Solo Portable Herbal Vaporizer

By following these steps (most of which are also contained in the user manual). You will be learning pro tips and tricks with your new Arizer Solo in no time at all!

Hold the up and down arrow buttons until you hear a beep and see the bottom idle light glow blue and then release.

Step 1: Turn on the Arizer Solo

Turn on the unit by pressing both the up and down arrow buttons and it will immediately begin to heat up to it’s standby temperature which is relatively close to the first heat level. This makes heating faster after you select a temperature level.

Although I recommend you start at level 2, I have found I like level 5 the best.

Step 2: Set your temperature level

Next you want to set which level you want to vaporize with. The temperature levels are as follows:

Temp Level 1:

50 C / 122 F

Temp Level 2:

185 C / 365 F

Temp Level 3:

190 C / 374 F

Temp Level 4:

195 C / 383 F

Temp Level 5:

200 C / 392 F

Temp Level 6:

205 C / 401 F

Temp Level 7:

210 C / 410 F

You want to start around temperature level 2 and then adjust from there. 365 degrees Fahrenheit is the starting point for most vapes, portable or not.

Flip the Solo Vape upside down to connect it to the mouthpiece. Doing it the opposite way will spill material everywhere.

Step 3: Pack the Arizer Solo 

Take your whip style mouthpiece and pack your material into the bowl end of it. Before doing so make sure if you do grind your material that you do not grind it too fine for two reasons. First there is no screen, only two little holes in the glass, so finely ground material could sneak through. Secondly, the material when ground up really fine can fall into the heating element and will require you to clean it more often.

Next, flip the unit itself upside down so the heating element is facing the floor and connect the whip to the heating element. Now flip it back so the heating element and whip are both pointed upwards now.

If you see the red heat button come on while still on your desired temp this just means the Solo is working to maintain your temperature.

Step 4: Begin use of the Arizer Solo

Now you simply wait about ten seconds before pulling and you should get a nice thick vapor hit, thickness generally depends on your heat setting. If you are up towards level five through seven you will get bigger clouds of vapor than the lower settings, so this is a matter of personal preference.

Make sure when pulling you do not pull extremely hard because you can get some of the material into the whip, which is not something you want not only because you’ll get material in your mouth, but it will also require more frequent cleaning.

Make sure you clean BOTH the herb chamber in the Solo vaporizer and the mouthpiece after each use.

Step 5: Clear the chamber of the Arizer Solo

When you are done use make sure you fully clean the bowl out of the vaporized material. This will cut down on cleaning in the future. Also make sure to always cap the heating element with the cap that is attached to the unit. This will stop dust and any other possibly harmful materials getting in there with the heating element. Taking these steps will ensure a good vaporizing experience with the Arizer Solo each time.

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  • Al92653

    Next, flip the unit itself upside down so the heating element is facing the floor and connect the whip to the heating element. Now flip it back so the heating element and whip are both pointed upwards now.

    Won’t flipping it around drop the material into the heating element?

    • Guest

      If you put the herb in first while it is upright and then try to insert the glass mouthpiece it doesn’t allow for optimal airflow.

  • Ted

    no. because the ceramic element is contained underneath the metal herb “bowl” it never comes in contact with it

    • CR

      Just got mine and used for first time. Didn’t realize you shouldn’t use finely ground herb. Mine has a little gap above the metal bowl and stuff got over it and around, way down into the unit. I’m trying, and I can move the bits by blowing and they almost come out but can’t actually get them out. Does the unit come apart or something for cleaning?

      • Ironlung

        Ok so here’s what you do:

        1. This may sound strange but if you are willing to pick up the unit and blow air through the small “holes” on the bottom you will see most if not all of the stuck herb fly out of the top.

        2. Yes you can take it apart, unscrew the 4 small screws on bottom, unscrew the top, slide the outside “shell” off and you can get inside and see what you can do.

        Also, you CAN use finely ground herb BUT you HAVE to put the packed glass mouthpiece in when the unit is upside down (the way it is supposed to be done anyway). Check out this page too:

        • Falsehoods.
          Finely-ground material passes right through the holes in the bowl section of the meowthpiece and into your meowth, since the holes are bigger than the bits of herb. I just have a standard herb grinder and this still happens to me. If I use the fine herb grinder, I am rewarded with even more in my meowth.
          The only workaround for this as far as I know is to insert a bit of screen.

  • Clint902

    I love the picture of the solo disassembled I took mine apart after seeing. My solo has the 18650c 2200mah/ 7.4 volt battery which may need replacing soon. I found the battery for about $3.70 but the minimum order was 50 batteries! I’ll check with Arizer to see if they’ll sell me a battery and for how much. I use it a lot!

  • Goldietaf

    We bought a Solo about 4 months ago. The other day when we removed it from the charger it would not turn on. The bottom blue LED and numbers 1,2,3 and 4 light up. It sounds a tone then goes back to just the blue LED. Anyone else have this problem?

    • James

      I also have this problem! Any solution yet?

    • nhirsch

      I have the same problem. Got yesterday, used once. Today won’t turn on to heat up

  • lewis

    i left my charger in all day by accident so is it possible to have burned it out as now it won t charge

  • MasterVaper

    Easy fix for the holes allowing material through. Put a metal screen. I cut up one of the screens made for the herb chamber of my Arizer Extreme Q and it fits perfectly in the Solo’s herb chamber. This is especially helpful if you want to grind you herb finely, as I do in a coffee grinder. This is probably the best way to get consistently thick clouds of vapor for each pull and to get more pulls. It’s the most efficient and effective way of using these vapes.

  • Josh Trobridge

    my solo vape wont charge. when i plug it in in beeps, flashes the idle light and top light and repeats. when unplugged the idle light just flashes.

  • dude

    So…after two months from purchase I seem to have encountered the problems a lot of others have been reporting.

    Today I tried to turn on my arizer solo but it shut itself off. I turned it back on and now it can’t be turned off, instead the blue idle led is blinking. When holding down both buttons led 7 flashes as usual then led 1 and 2 flashes and it then lights all 7 leds. If I try to turn it off it displays the blinking idle light. When in charger led 1 and 7 repeatedly turns on and off, or led 1-6 are turned on and off in a second and then it goes back to switch between led 1 and 7.

    • dude

      Also when trying to set tempature the device seems to “shuts off” and displays the fast blinking idle led.

  • redeye

    got my solo two days ago and i got a couple problems. First it was working fine but the battery died so i plugged it in and tried to keep using it i had it set to 4, it would heat up too 4 and go right back 1 and would keep doing this over and over this is all it will do even after it was charged

  • Greg

    I can’t find the manual. How do I activate the beep sound heard when the unit turns on and off?