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Arizer Solo Case

The Arizer Solo VapeCase holds the vaporizer, two mouthpieces, and either the wall charger or car charger.

I wanted to compile a list of all the parts and accessories released for the Arizer Solo as of right now. These can either be replacement parts or other accessories that might enhance your Arizer Solo experience. Let’s dig in.

Standard Parts

Here are the standard parts you will receive included with your Arizer Solo:

Angled Mouthpiece

The angled mouthpiece is the most recognizable mouthpiece because it has been the same design since the Solo’s release. The older models have 2 holes in the bowl piece, while the newer version has 4. Most enjoy the 4 holes more as it allows better airflow, but can also allow more material through to the stem.

Straight Mouthpiece

The straight mouthpiece comes in the newer models of the Arizer Solo and really doesn’t offer any advantages over the angled mouthpiece, it is really just a matter of preference. Although, as I mentioned in my Top 5 Places to use the Arizer Solo post, it does offer some stealth/discreet advantages.

Aromatherapy Dish

The Arizer Solo aromatherapy dish allows you to vaporize potpourri or organic herbs and oils to freshen the scent of your surroundings.

Additional Parts and Accessories

Here is a list of all after market parts and accessories currently available for the Arizer Solo:

A/C Power Adapter

The Arizer Solo A/C Power Adapter gives you the ability to plug the Arizer Solo into the wall and offer continuous use without the battery dying. However, this does not charge the Solo’s battery and is really just something to use when your battery life runs out completely. Also if you are home and sitting in one place using it you might as well plug it in as to not drain any battery life for when you do need to take your Solo on the go.

Car Charger

The Arizer Solo car charger replaces your wall charger for when you need a portable charging option. As such, it also does not allow you to use it while charging. This would be most ideal if you were camping or hiking and want to give your Solo a charge on the way up.


The Arizer Solo VapeCase is a hard shell case that stores your Arizer Solo, charger, aromatherapy dish, and both mouthpieces. This vape case is rock solid and even water resistant. As mentioned several times throughout this site, I use my VapeCase constantly. It really is the best way to transport your Solo safe and secure. Especially when traveling. Simply pack up your Solo in the case and mail it to your hotel. That easy.

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  • Powdabound542

    Works great, but please come up with a way to hold the glass piece in place. I’ve broken three glass mouth pieces, and it’s about two to three weeks away for a new one.

    • Den

      You need to add high temp silcon ring to hold stems in place.

  • Sololover

    I’ve just tried fitting the o ring that came with the stealth adaptor , the thread on the top just keeps slipping out before it tightens down , I don’t want to force it as I don’t want to to thread the screw , pretty loose as it is.
    Is this normal ? Should I continue to try and tighten down on it ?

  • William Smith

    What type of replacement battery do I need to buy?