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Review of: Solo Vaporizer
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Arizer Tech

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On July 12, 2011
Last modified:January 26, 2013


The Solo vaporizer by Arizer Tech has quickly earned a reputation one of the best portable vaporizers since its release in 2011. The Solo features one of the longest lasting lithium ion batteries in a portable vape. The vapor quality this handheld vaporizer is capable of producing sets it apart from most other competitors. The Solo's solid build, simple 7 level temperature control, stainless steel herb chamber, and glass mouthpiece are all contributing factors which justify the praise this vaporizer has received.

Before we reviewed the Arizer Solo portable vaporizer it had already gained a lot of attention. That’s because Arizer Tech not only makes the Solo but also makes the Extreme Q 4.0 and V-Tower table top vaporizers. But does the Solo vaporizer get by on name alone? Let’s take a closer look and see what it’s all about.

The Solo portable vape has a really unique and sleek look. The matted aluminum finish just looks and feels like it can take a huge beating. The Solo vape is about the size of a Red Bull can, the smaller 8 oz one that is, without the glass mouthpiece. I find that I can hold the entire vaporizer in my hand and only the mouthpiece sticks out.

The Solo vaporizer uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to power it, like many other portable vaporizers. But the difference here is the Arizer Solo’s extremely long battery life, lasting through about 3 hours of continuous vaporization. Any Arizer Solo review is going to be praising this feature for sure. Charging the Solo took only about 3 hours, which is nice because usually charging will take longer than the time the battery lasts when vaporizing.

With a fully charged battery I was ready to give this portable powerhouse a try. I took one of the thick cut glass mouthpieces and places my material in the bowl end, right over the small 4 holes that are there in place of a screen. With the Arizer Solo reaching the temperature level I set in about 2 minutes, which was level 5, I inserted the glass mouthpiece into the top of the Solo vaporizer. Instantly I got huge and smooth vapor pulls. No complaints here what so ever.

Some things I’m not really a fan of would be that you can’t use the Solo portable vape while it is charging. The closest you can come is buying an A/C power adapter that allows you to plug the Solo into the wall, even if the battery is completely dead, but doesn’t charge the battery while doing so. The other thing is the beeping can be a little annoying, but you can turn it off. The problem with turning it off though is that when the auto shutoff kicks in you will have no idea your Solo has turned off and cooled down. With the beeping on it lets out a loud beep letting you know it is shutting down.

All things considered the Solo portable vaporizer by Arizer is an effective, efficient and wonderful vaporizer. I would recommend this vape to anyone who wants something to use not only on the go, but also at home while relaxing. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has yet to let me down. read the full review

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  • Izmael

    You can charge and vape at the same time using an optional adapter, is what the manual tells.

    • Ted

      Yea but they don’t sell it yet

      • Darkmatter

        Now they do.

  • Nick

    Do you recommend leaving the Solo plugged in (charging) in between uses?

  • 2kaps

    how does the glass whip insert without breaking it?

    • Darkmatter

      There are a couple tricks to get the mouthpiece in the first time, you can find them on this site, try searching.