How do you clean the Arizer Solo?

The aluminum will not need to be cleaned often but can be cleaned with some soapy water and the glass parts are cleaned by soaking in rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner over night. Be sure to check out our cleaning … Continue reading

Does the Arizer Solo use screens?

No, on the bowl end of the mouthpiece there are 2 small holes in the glass so you don’t need to constantly replace or clean screens. That’s not to say you can’t add a screen if you’d like. Back to … Continue reading

Solo vs. Vapir NO2

Compare the Arizer Solo to other Portable Vaporizers See how the new Arizer vaporizer stacks up to other portable, rechargeable vaporizers and see if it is worth the cash or whether another vape might be a better choice. Arizer Solo … Continue reading

Solo FAQ

Below are some questions I have frequently gotten from friends about the Arizer Solo portable herbal vaporizer and also some common questions you will see asked online. If you, or someone you know, has a question you don’t see here … Continue reading

How to Use

Here you will learn the easy step by step instructions on the how to assemble, set-up and use your new Arizer Solo vaporizer. How to Use the Arizer Solo Portable Herbal Vaporizer By following these steps (most of which are … Continue reading