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Arizer Solo Tips and Tricks

Here are some quick Tips and Tricks for the Solo Vape by Arizer:

  • Before using your Arizer Solo for the first time be sure to let it warm to the highest temperature several times to eliminate any residues present from the manufacturing process and any taste associated with them. This should be standard practice for most electronics-based vaporizers.
  • Although the Solo vaporizer is very easy to master, start with a higher temperature and work your way down as you gain experience. This will result in an optimal vaporizing experience.
  • Even when you find your favorite temperature, remember it may be necessary to adjust as needed when using fresher material that contains moisture (higher temp) or extra dry herbs (lower temp). Generally speaking, levels 3 and 4 will consistently yield the best results. When using very moist herb try starting with a level 5 and moving down to level 4 after the first few pulls.
  • It sometimes may be easy to forget, but be sure to hold your Solo upside down while removing the glass stem to reload. Doing this when right side up may cause some material to fall onto the heating element and create residue or clog the teeny holes the vapor needs to pass through when using.
  • Although it is not a requirement to grind your herb finely, it will improve the performance and efficiency of your Solo vaporizer provided you always remember to keep the glass stem pressed tight against the heating plate and hold it upside down when emptying.
  • Whenever possible try to let your Solo charge to full capacity in between use. A full battery will go much further than one that is periodically recharged for short periods of time.
  • Use an old school pipe cleaner to clean the Solo’s glass stems. Simply fold the pipe cleaner over on itself once to make it a bit thicker (more surface area) and insert. If done frequently you can almost completely avoid using any type of cleaner or solvent. Neglecting to clean your stems frequently will quickly result in slightly diminished performance.
  • Be sure to turn off your Solo vape right away if taking a break “mid-bowl”. Even though the Solo has an automatic shut-off safety feature if you leave it on even just for a few minutes it will continue to vaporize your material and cause it to taste stale when you resume use. Despite what many self-professed “vaporizer experts” online may claim, when done right, no quality vaporizer will ever result in a “burnt popcorn” type taste when used correctly.

Feel free to comment or contribute your own tips and tricks!


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  • Dmitry Ponder

    actually, you are wrong. You turn it to a high temperature for your dry herb and a low temperature for freshly cured herb. After you set it at the lowest temperature that starts to vape your freshly cured herb, keep taking pulls until there is no more vapor coming through, then simply turn the temperature up one notch and pull on it until there is no more vapor again, and repeat until completely stale. If done properly, your herb should not be burnt in the slightest. i.e. your green herb should look tan in color after a thorough vaporization, it should not look brown and burnt.

  • The Culling

    First and foremost the Solo NEVER burns herb at ANY setting, so that shows your inexperience. Second, always go by taste not looks, over the different types and various qualities of herb it impossible to judge by looks alone. You know when you are done when the herb has a dry taste and no vapor comes through, if you stop sooner than that or based on color you must like wasting your herb. As far as temp, you could go in either direction starting high and moving lower or vice versa and still get great results, the truth it that very little adjustment is needed across all types of herb, dry or wet and it really only needs to be adjusted when on one end of the spectrum or the other. Either way you arent going to burn your herb in THIS vaporizer. Sometimes I pack the bowl tight like with the Extreme-Q and put the setting all the way up to 7. Works great! Do what works for you, can’t go wrong with the Solo.