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Arizer Solo VaporizerThere are a couple common tricks to get around certain issues you might experience with your Arizer Solo. Below I will cover some general troubleshooting I have gone through myself and share what I’ve learned in the hope it helps you avoid having to call the manufacturer.

Glass mouthpieces don’t fit into your Arizer Solo

With the newer M106 and M107 models of the Arizer Solo a lot of people are having trouble initially getting the mouthpieces to fit inside of the herb chamber. First off, don’t panic. This is a very popular question. For reference I had 3 different friends purchase a Solo recently and ALL 3 asked me why their mouthpieces didn’t fit.

A little old fashioned elbow grease can get your Solo mouthpieces to fit.

With some of the older models it was common for some mouthpieces to be too loose, rattling around in the chamber a bit. The space in between the mouthpieces and chamber was negligible, but Arizer saw fit to remedy this situation anyway by adding a ring inside the chamber that makes it harder to fit initially, but after inserting them once it is easy each time after that.

So the easiest way to get them to fit is to heat the Solo up to heat level 7 and give it about 10 minutes from there. Now try sticking the mouthpieces in and give it some force, while also wiggling from side to side and they should pop in. Don’t be afraid to use a little force, the glass mouthpieces are thick cut and won’t break that easily. Most times you can force them in without even heating up the Solo, but it is best to play it safe and just heat it up.

My Solo’s battery is dying after only a little over an hour of use

It is important when reading about the Arizer Solo’s battery life to take note of the words “up to” in most descriptions. The Solo can get up to 3 hours of continuous vaporization, not 3 hours no matter what. If you are using the Solo at heat level 7 you can expect no longer than an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. Using it at a lower level is going to increase the amount of time you get out of the battery.

Also when you first get the Arizer Solo let the battery die completely before charging it for the first time. This is standard procedure for lithium-ion batteries to make sure you get the most out of the battery.

I’m only getting 3 to 4 pulls per pack on my Solo

You simply aren’t putting as much material in the mouthpiece as you should. Don’t be scared to fill the bowl end of the mouthpiece to the top, you don’t have to pack it down but definitely fill it to the rim. This will greatly increase the amount of pulls you get.

Also don’t forget to stir the material when it starts to thin out. Doing this usually gets you at least another 2-3 fresh pulls.

Too much material is coming through when pulling on the Solo’s mouthpiece

First, you want to try not pulling as hard. Try taking longer, but lighter pulls and you should see less make it into the mouthpiece’s stem. There are a lot of people who actually like pulling really hard and that is understandable. In this case the best thing you can do is add a screen to the bowl end of the Solo’s mouthpiece. 1/2 inch screens seem to be the best fit for the mouthpiece and can be inserted rather easily.

Anything I missed? Add it in the comments below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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  • dan

    my unit isnt working after about a weeks worth of use…. currently when you try to turn it on it flashes the blue light then goes dead… when you plug it in the charger it flashes the blue light then the level 7 led then blue (idle) then 7 contiuously… any ideas?

    • dark_matter

      See above

    • boborik

      I have the same problem. Can it be a battery malfunction or the problem is in the unit?

  • dark_matter

    That sounds like a fully charged battery to me. The Solo will display the battery level when you plug it into charge. No idea on the issues with it working or not. Maybe try and get a new replacement battery? Arizer is good with their warranty so maybe hit them up at

  • blah

    i spoke with arizer.. they said 50% chance it was the chrager… made sense.. when i probed out the charger it was putting out 12v but drawing no current… they said to contact the distributor to file a claim… i had bad luck with aazon distributors and wasn’t really into mailing a used unit back to them so i decided to investigate myself… one of the heating element leads had sharted and meted its insulation and the solder that held it to the small pcb near the ceramic heating element… no i have a pile of parts… i am nervous about purchasing a replacement… oh well live and learn

  • blah

    i spoke with arizer.. they said 50% chance it was the charger… made sense.. when i probed out the charger it was putting out 12v but drawing no current… they said to contact the distributor to file a claim… i had bad luck with amazon distributors and wasn’t really into mailing a used unit back to them so i decided to investigate myself… first i bought a new charger… sorry arizer digikey was cheaper and shipped overnight… no luch then i cracked the case.. one of the heating element leads had shorted and melted its insulation and the solder that held it to the small pcb near the ceramic heating element… now i have a pile of parts… i am nervous about purchasing a replacement… oh well live and learn sorry about the previous spellings…

  • Chris

    when i try to charge my vaporizer, the idle light comes on and the charge light stays red and doesnt turn to green. then lights 1,2 and 3 flash. ive tried plugging it in different outlets and nothing seems to work.

    • Andy

      yeah thats been happening to me too

  • Plfrr

    Thanks for helping with the stem fit. It worked!

  • Kekec

    Also when you first get the Arizer Solo let the battery die completely before charging it for the first time. This is standard procedure for lithium-ion batteries to make sure you get the most out of the battery.

    Not true, Li-ion batteries should never be deeply discharged. See here:

  • MissCfh

    I just purchased the arizer solo and used it today, then i charged it and now i press the 2 buttons and the blue idle light flashes and wont turn on the unit. Battery has a full charge. tried plugging it in again no change.

    • Wuffy

      So all 7 lights are solid when plugged in right? You are unplugging it before trying to turn on I assume as well? Lastly, when holding the 2 buttons be sure to release them after a second, don’t keep them held down, the unit will not start up until you do. Hope this helps.

  • charlie

    Hello i have a question, i use the arizer solo and bought it from you a few months ago, i absoulty love it!!! I although have run into a bit of a snag and im not sure what to do. My wife is hearing and when i plug in the arizer there is a high pitch squeal that comes from it. it only happens when it is plugged in, i tried leaving it plugged in all night but it would not hold its charge, so now it wont work because it is not keeping its charge. What would be causing the high pitch squeal when i plug it in? if someone could get back to me that would be great! Thanks

    • 1234

      I’m no expert but my best guess is a capacitor in the charging circuit was faulty. When a capacitor leaks it lets out a bit of a hum like squeal if it’s slow but it can get a lot louder if it’s happening quickly. It might be something completely different but seeing as it happens when you’re charging it seems most likely. I don’t know how they deal with repairs after use since not many people are buying these as ways to make a room smell better although they do that anyways.

  • Peter

    I’ve had trouble recharging my Solo. The bottom three lights, including the blue idle light, flashes and the unit emits a high pitched tone. It is not charging. What am I doing wrong?

    • Brad

      The issue is most likely the charger plug and not the unit itself.

  • James

    I’m having the charging issue where the 1,2, and 3 LEDs are blinking, the charge light is solid red, and the blue idle light is blinking. Does anyone know of any workarounds for this?

  • Dr

    Hello. I’ve been using this lovely product for a few weeks now, no problems until today. The battery ran out and when I plug it in, now it is doing something strange. When I plug it in, it beeps as if it is turning on, goes silent for a second, then the “idle” light and red “charge” light come on, while the the yellow lights up to heat setting 3 flicker on and off every second or so. Also it plays the startup/shutdown tone nonstop as long as its plugged in, which is probably a bad sign. It doesn’t seem to be charging either. I thought it was some sort of malfunction message, but have found no mention of it anywhere. When not plugged in, it still seems to work normally. I’m inclined to guess the charger is the problem here. Any advice? Thanks!

    • John

      I have this same exact problem.

      • Charger

        There is a factory problem with some chargers. Look for warranty.

    • splat

      i had this problem today and the way i fixed mine was i took a pen and hit the heating plate a few times. my device turned off and when i turned it on everything was fine.

  • Jim G

    I bought this item in March 2013, used it three times, then re-packed it and stored it until 2 weeks ago, since when it has been used a further dozen times at most.

    It appeared to need a charge last night, so I plugged it in to charge as usual and after about a half hour it beeped. When I checked, the red charge light was still on, so after another half hour, and another beep I checked it and the charging light was still lit, so after another half hour and another beep I unplugged it, removed the charger and when I try to turn it on….No response. Pretty poor show for something that appeared so robust and which I had been told was the “best on the market”. If I could have given this zero stars I would have, and the really annoying thing is that I had bought this using money I had been given as a gift, and so I now feel obligated to replace it at my own expense. I won’t be forking over for another of these models, which in my opinion are over-rated and over-priced. My ratings on the item’s features are based on the fact that it has less than 6 hours’ total usage, and is dead already. It would also appear that I will be out of pocket if it has to be returned. Hardly fair, in my opinion, regardless how easy it is to use.

  • sam

    will a screen restrict any air flow?

    • cj5426

      Not at all, the draw might be a little bit tougher, but not enough to really bother you. Didn’t bother me any way.

  • Eddie

    I’ve been using the Arizer Solo for about 6 months without any problems until a few days ago. When I turn it on and set the temperature to 7 the first 3 lights turn on immediately, where before it took a minute or so. When the lights reach the top it doesn’t seem to be heated up all the way. Is there a thermostat that can be reset?

    • cj5426

      If you haven’t already returned it try charging the battery over night and then turn it off and back on. See if that fixes it, if not it is off and needs to be returned to be fixed.

  • Estrellamundo

    This is how I solved the problem: Disconnect the charger for 10 seconds. Press and hold both buttons on the Solo for 4 seconds. Connect the charger to the Solo, but not the wall. Connect the charger to the wall. Problem solved.

    • Solodolo

      I can’t believe that worked…why bother continue thread? Maybe instructions were too hard lol. Thanks problem solved.

      • Trillstar

        Glad it worked, but it won’t last forever. You might need to replace your charger. Get it quick if the item is still under warranty.

    • hodor from modor

      thanks so much, this is golden advice!

      • Trillstar

        Unfortunately, this only works for a while. You need to contact the company and get another charger while the item is under warranty. I’ve also heard you can buy one from Radioshack, but I don’t know what the model is. Eventually, this little trick unfortunately stops working.

  • Raymond

    After turning the unit on and setting the desired heat. It only lights up1. Never happened before. It will not heat up past 1?

    • cj5426

      Is it getting hot still, or just not heating up and staying at heat level 1?

  • SA

    my solo was charged yesterday but not until solid green because i didnt want to leave it plugged in while was at 7 and flashing…iwhen i got home it wouldnt stay on or heated and now it beeps longer when trying to turn on flashes idle blue light and 7 but then is now just stuck with blue idle light on and not working at all…i got it on christmas 2013 rather bummed what do i do?

    • cj5426

      Sounds like the battery is shot unfortunately. Contact the company you got it from and they should be able to set you up with a warranty return.

  • IBI

    When I turn on my solo by pushing both buttons and holding it beeps and blue light turns on but then it turns off. Sometimes it will let me set the temp and the red heating light blinks and it starts to heat up but turns off before heating all the way up or just gets to 7 and then turns off. Btw it beeps when it turns off.

  • James

    My solo auto turns off within seconds of turning on and it is super frustrating.

  • Blazer

    I used the Solo to burn some popurri oil and now when I use it I have the flavor of the oil. I have tried to leave the Solo on #7 thinking it may burn off the flavor and also clean it with Isopropanol. These two ways have yet to fix the problem; any other ideas?

  • Dano Kablamo

    Hi! I was got my solo two weeks ago, everything has been going great, today I turned it on, it was definitely heating, the lights were slowly working up the numbers, until bam, the lights dropped to zero, shot back to 6, back to zero, and stayed on zero. It kept heating until everything inside the chamber turned black. Basically the thermometer/thermostat died and it just stays heating! Also, the plastic on the bottom spontaneously cracked about a day after I got it. Screws too tight at the factory? My office mate has two of them and he says both of his spontaneously cracked as well.
    Any ideas?

    • jeep

      Happens to me too. Sometimes in the middle of a session, the lights drop to zero. If I wiggle the stem, the lights will shoot back up again, but showing that it’s at a higher temp than was originally set. It’s almost as if something is interfering with the internal temperature gauge, and when it reads zero it tries to heat itself back up, but the temperature is already hot, so it then overheats. Wiggling the stem always seems to fix it, but there have been times I didn’t notice the “zero light” thing for a bit and it gets REALLY hot.

  • mikey 5041

    Hello . I’ve had my solo for about 3 months now and I tried to use it the other day with a friend and it would turn on and the idle light would come on and it would turn it self off. I thought it need a charge. So I’ve charged it up now and wanted to use it again a day later and it seems to be doing the same thing. The idle light comes comes on and will stay on but if I try to turn up the heat to 1 or 7 it will just beep and turn it self off!!?? Any suggestions?

    • boborik

      I have the same problem, guys if anyone has already solved this problem, please tell me! Thank you in advance!

  • lovemysolo

    I have had my solo a couple months now and love it! Today I let the battery run out all the way for the first time. Now it will not charge when I plug in. It beaps about 7 or 8 times and the 7 button flashes and then it shuts off. I can’t turn it on or anything. I’ve tried again to plug it in and same thing. Any help?

  • Scott

    My unit won’t hold temp. Set it to 5 let it warm up and once you start using it it’ll dip down to 3. Set it to 6 it hovers between 3-5.

  • jake

    Just bought mine used it twice and now the idle light turns on and it won’t heat up and then shuts off. Ugh help please

  • gavin

    My solo has now decided that it no longer requires the blue light to come on ever and the number 1 amber light comes on intermittently and most strange is when increasing the temp and i get to the number 4 the number 1 amber light comes on and when I increase the temp to 5 the number 2 is on then with 6 and 3 etc. This is not so far preventing the device from working but I was wondering if this was the sign that the unit was about to fail and maybe worth claiming the warranty on it now while its still in warranty? Thanks guys

  • Neo

    I have a quick question. I bought my Arizer Solo about 2 months ago; it had been working fine right up until now.
    What’s happening is, when I turn it on and select the heat setting I want it starts to say it’s heating but nothing happens then it turns off. It still charges fine and was on full battery last time I tried. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it?

  • Jess

    Hi, I’m having an issue which I thought was the battery but now I’m not so sure. When I turn it on unplugged it beeps then shows how charged it is then goes to idle like normal. However after I set the temperature the lights will stay on 1 for a little bit and then shoot up to 7 (even if I set the temp to 2) and then go up and down at random before turning itself off after less than a minute. The same thing happens when plugged in. I can’t find any other similar complaints so I don’t know what to do…

    • George

      Wish I saw this before posting but having the same problem tonight.

  • George

    Bought a Solo in may worked great until tonight. Hold down both buttons its turns on I sett it to 5 or any number and it shuts right back down. Wont stay on at all and show full battery. Any advice?

  • Larry R.

    My Arizer solo now shuts itself off after a few minutes. I replaced the battery and it still does that sporadically. Works fine with ac adaptor. It does charge fine with this new battery but just turns off after a minute or two quite often. Any ideas?

  • rw1290

    Just got new Arizer Solo. Seems to charge fine but when I press 2 buttons to turn on , idle light come on as it should, but when I let go after light comes on, unit shuts off. Can’t get any temp adjust at all. Thoughts?

  • donna Kriekle

    The blue idle button continuously flickers. Can’t turn on – can’t turn off. Help

  • Ro

    My solo is not accepting the charge. Red light say need charge when you plug it in the charge light flashes green and will not charge. Please amcqueen407Help?!?

  • hottlink

    My Solo is not working properly. The lights don’t work anymore and it is barely heating at all. The lights blink and then the unit turns off. Had it one week!

  • Buddur

    My Solo just started malfunctioning, is not heating, and it’s not exhibiting the symptoms I’ve read here. The blue Idle light just blinks and it won’t turn off no matter what I do. I tried plugging it into my charger and still won’t work…the blue Idle light blinks and the unit beeps, then the #7 light blinks and the unit beeps…over and over again unitl I disconnect the unit. It is literally 54 weeks old. Shot Arizer an Email and will respond back here when I get resolution. Buddur

    • Buddur

      Based on the symptome Arizer said it should be covered under warranty. Said M&M Specialties would be contacting me w/in 1-3 days. I know it’s only been a few days, but I would’ve expected to have sent it for repair by now. Either I’m impatient or they are slow…most likely both.

      • Da Jamma

        I’ve just been told the same thing, about M&M Specialties. Did this get resolved?

  • AB01

    My brand new arizer solor is blinking red and green while charging and doesn’t seem to charge. What is the problem?

  • vapeking

    the beep sound has seemed to stop working? the unit still works as it should just no beep sound?