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Cleaning the Arizer Solo

The Solo vaporizer by Arizer requires only minimal maintenance.

One of the biggest pains of any vaporizer is the cleaning required, however, the Solo’s few parts are cleaned rather easily. Below I will break down how to clean the Arizer Solo piece by piece. 

Glass Mouthpieces

The mouthpieces are obviously the most important piece to clean and also the piece you’ll be cleaning most often. Whether you have the older angled mouthpieces with two holes in the bowl piece or the newer angled and straight mouthpieces with 4 holes, the cleaning methods are the same. Start with taking a tooth pick and poking any material stuck in the holes out of there. You should really do this after every time you use the Solo.

The most common method is letting your mouthpieces soak overnight in Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Try to use 91% Isopropyl, as that is the most pure. After soaking overnight simply wash them off with warm water, but don’t just give it a quick rinse, make sure you get all of the alcohol out of there to avoid a nasty taste when you use it next.

Another method that is popular amongst the lazier Solo user is to put the mouthpieces in the dishwasher. DO NOT just throw them in there anywhere. Even though the glass is pretty thick cut on the mouthpieces they are unlikely to survive a trip through the dishwasher when left anywhere. Place them in the bin you use for cutlery and put NOTHING else in there with them.

When I do this I usually don’t even have any other dishes in there, but I’m sure you can get away with that. Just don’t put anything in the cutlery bin with the mouthpiece. Also, please don’t put the dishwasher setting on “Pots and Pans” or any other extreme setting, that’s just asking for trouble.

Note: If you feel like you are getting way too much material coming through the mouthpiece’s holes then first you want to try not pulling as hard. If you don’t think that is the problem or enjoy hard pulls then try placing a screen in the mouthpiece over the holes. Half inch screens seem to be the best fit. I actually use the butt end of my Extreme Q stir tool to insert the screen and push it down because it fits in the Solo’s mouthpiece’s bowl end absolutely perfect. This will lead to cleaning the mouthpieces less frequently.

Aromatherapy Dish

If you often use the aromatherapy dish that comes with the Solo you can use the same method of soaking it in 91% Isopropyl that is used with the mouthpieces. However, do not use the dishwasher method. The thin glass of the bowl part of the dish will almost certainly break.

Heating Plate

First off, after every use you need to use a brush to clean off the inside of the chamber. You don’t want left over material caking up in there. Any small remnants that build up after that can be cleaned easiest by taking a q-tip and dipping it lightly in 91% Isopropyl then CAREFULLY swabbing the inside of the herb chamber. Do not soak the q-tip, because if you start dripping rubbing alcohol in your Solo you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. After that take a tooth pick and lightly scrape at any material in there, the alcohol should have broken it down enough to come off easily. Then I take a paper towel and twist one corner of it to form a point and dry off the inside.

After you do this do not use your Solo right away, give it a little time so you aren’t hit with a rubbing alcohol taste next time you use it.

Outer Shell

The outer aluminum shell of the Solo doesn’t ever really get all that dirty, more scratched if anything. But if you insist on cleaning it off I would suggest just a damp rag with a little soap. You’re playing with fire here exposing the Solo to water, so do not use a really wet rag, just damp. After that use a dry towel to dry clean and anything you had built up on there should be gone.

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  • Rdanielbigsmile

    I use the steam nozzle on my espresso machine for the stems. Cleans it in seconds. But you have to hold it with an oven mitt or thick cloth because the glass heats up fast.

  • Spudnik

    i use a tiny screwdriver, like for glasses, to clean out the bowl. i use brass screens too but a fine dust gets thru. Then i use half a paper towel and an icepick that had the tip broken and i grounded it down to round. i force the ptwl gently into it until it packs in and pushes all the way to the bowl. they i twirl it.
    For soaks the alcohol and rock salt works well, i also got pipe cleaners and fold them up and push them up w/ the alcohol soak. Finally, my secret weapon to clean during the alc salt soak is a coil of copper wire i have, somewhat thick but not too thick. i bend an angle on the end and push it up to get the hard to reach areas under the bowl. and q-tips in alcohol for cleaning the chamber.

  • JIm

    i use a waterpic to clean the mouthpieces, works great

  • Obo wan Kenobu

    Before cleaning the stem, if it has collected a large amount of oil, hold it in some secure, heatproof tongs, hold it upside down, and use a small jet lighter or cooks blowtorch to gently heat the tube. Starting at the top and working down, you should see oil melting, and starting to run down the stem. Keep melting it down the tube, being careful to not over heat the stem (Some vapour will be produced when it is warm enough for the oil to flow), till it all drips out the bottom, or use a small, clean metal tool to collect the last drops of Oil. Using this method, you can collect a small quantity of very concentrated extract, add a small dab to the middle of your next bowl, and enjoy the very full body effects.