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We’ll help you find the best places to buy the Arizer Solo online.

The Solo herbal vaporizer is made by Arizer Tech (Canada) and is available from many vendors from around the world.With so many choices when buying the Solo vaporizer, it can be difficult to determine the best place to purchase.

Since I realize that not every one is a vaporizer expert like myself, I’ve compiled a few basic tips that you can follow to find the right vendor to purchase a brand new Arizer Solo from (or any vaporizer for that matter).

Check for authorized resellers

Make sure you are purchasing from an authorized distributor or reseller. Once you find an approved vendor be sure to inquire about what is required to register your warranty (if anything).

Test the customer service of the vendor

Send them an email, give them a call, use the live chat function if they have one. Make sure that in the case of something being wrong with your order that you have methods to contact the company and you know they will respond.

Look at what free stuff or perks are offered

A grinder is mandatory with pretty much any vaporizer. Not having to pay for one is almost always a welcome bonus. Most places have something they use to entice you to order from them rather than a competitor. Whether it be free shipping, free grinders, free lighters, etc… most companies offer some free stuff and make sure you find the place that offers the most.

Read customer reviews

In most cases the site has customer reviews on products and/or the way their order was handled. Look for red flags like people complaining about getting damaged goods or had a bad experience while purchasing. These might be harder to find but take a look regardless.

Avoid Scams and Non-Reputable Sellers

You can recognize websites like these by the limited number of products, unrealistic abundance of fake reviews, drug references, and overall generic look of their website.

Most times sellers of this type are actually stocking limited amounts of refurbished or outdated inventory they obtained second-hand and selling it as “new” to unsuspecting customers fraudulently. Most do not stock accessories or replacement parts because they have no interest in staying in touch with you after the first sale. Vaporizer broke? Good luck redeeming the warranty! Most vaporizer manufacturers will not honor warranties on product sold through “rogue” sellers despite what these sellers might have you believe.


It is often cheaper to buy a brand new vaporizer online since some (not all) head shops consistently charge more (~$300) for the exact same product and are sometimes unwilling to accept returns or provide assistance with using your device correctly.

I suggest and recommend purchasing the Arizer Solo from one of the authorized resellers below. Only trusted vaporizer vendors are listed here, and you can rest assured they will give you friendly, discreet service and a great price:

Where to Buy Arizer’s Solo Vaporizer

EZ Vapes – FREE overnight shipping ($30 value) or Solo VapeCase ($40 value) when you order the Arizer Solo PLUS use exclusive coupon code SOLONET for an additional 10% discount (about $30 OFF). Redeem coupon now

Next Day Vapes – Get the Solo at a great price with FREE next day delivery and an acrylic grinder when you buy the Solo vape online here. No coupon required. Check it out now

Vapor Store – FREE acrylic grinder with purchase of the Solo vape. No coupon required. Visit site now

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  • GimmeAD

    after reading the reviews i couldn’t wait to get one. I can def sayt its a great vape, really stretches my herbs and very easy to use. vapor tastes good too, even when coming to the end

  • Clarkkient

    Hi there,

    Great website, very informative and helpful.

    Would you have the email for Arizer tech, the manufacturer, i am trying to find authorized resellers in Australa.


  • Info

    You can also buy the Solo at 420 Kingston, $300 no tax, and they are authorized resellers. Shipping anywhere in Canada.

  • Just sold my NO2! Where should I go in BC? I’m in Kelowna but I can go to the Coast easily enough.

  • Richard Johnson

    Hey, I just bought a DaVinci Ascent, what do you think about those?

  • Amrit


    The DaVinci Ascent is awesome. Just picked myself up one from BC Vapor. Great service and selection and they offer free shipping!